As an enterprise marketer today, you need to reach buyers at your target accounts, even if they have never visited your website. Your buyers demand personalized messages with every touch. And your sales team wants you to deliver account-level insights, and higher quality leads. You need to be "always-on" when it comes to nurturing of prospects. That's a whole lot to do!

Reach and engage your target accounts and contacts. Personalize your messages to your buyers, no matter where they engage with your brand. Boost top-of-funnel leads. Let us show you how Kwanzoo's All-in-One platform makes it really simple to build and run targeted display programs - all in one place - to accelerate your pipeline and drive revenue.

Reach And Engage Target Accounts with
Account Based Marketing

Reach and engage your target accounts with account-based marketing (ABM) display ads, using either global IP targeting, or job title targeting based on BlueKai cookie data. Get in front of prospects who have never ever visited your website. Launch fast, and deploy at global scale, with the highest account coverage and best in precision targeting available today.

Engage Outside The Inbox with
B2B Retargeting

Reach and engage visitors who drop off of your site without filling out a form, or email list members who do not engage with your emails, with B2B Retargeting. Go beyond simple ad clicks, deliver account and program insights to your sales teams that truly matter.

Make Every Offer and Message Count with
Personalized Display

Today’s ad and website technologies are disconnected from buyer profile data in your MAP & CRM systems. Kwanzoo’s personalized display solutions uniquely integrate display advertising, website content, IP-based account ID data and MAP/CRM technologies to bridge this divide and enable the delivery of highly targeted content and offers.

What Makes Us Different

A complete range of outbound programs designed around each of your key data assets (site visitors, email lists, target account lists, predictive data). Our technology platform & full suite of services to launch retargeting, ABM and display prospecting programs, with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) access and full transparency. We do not own media or data assets. So we are 100% aligned with your interest in lowering media costs and 3rd party data fees.

Engage Outside
the Inbox

Lexmark Healthcare, the $400M division of Lexmark ($3.7B) provides software to hospitals, physicians and healthcare professionals.

A critical goal for 2015 was to increase brand awareness following a re-brand post acquisition. Using smart banners with Email Retargeting, Lexmark saw a strong boost in engagement from users on their email lists while running programs integrated with Lexmark's Oracle | Eloqua and Salesforce systems.

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