Why run email & CRM retargeting with Kwanzoo?

  • Go beyond just clicks: Track the accounts and contacts that engage with your retargeted ads and pass reports along to sales (via Excel download, Emails, or dynamic account-level insights captured directly into your MAP or CRM).
  • Boost conversions with in-banner forms: Eliminate landing page redirects to boost conversion rates by 30% or more. Capture leads directly from in-banner form ads into Oracle|Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, Silverpop, and more.
  • Personalized Ads: Easily serve ads that are personalized according to contact profile data (job title, lead score) or account attributes (industry, company size, company revenue, etc).
  • Unified Dashboards: Track new accounts and contacts, nurture touches from known and anonymous users, leads (in-banner and LP form fills), site visits, and more.

  • Over 80% of your email users never open your emails.

  • Increase nurture touches from 2X per month via email alone to 30X per month via display ads.

  • Re-engage inactive and unsubscribed users.


Nurture Beyond
The Inbox

Lexmark Healthcare, the $400M division of Lexmark ($3.7B) provides software to hospitals, physicians and healthcare professionals.

A critical goal for 2015 was to increase brand awareness following a re-brand post acquisition. Using smart banners with Email Retargeting, Lexmark saw a strong boost in engagement from users on their email lists while running programs integrated with Lexmark's Oracle | Eloqua and Salesforce systems.

kwanzoo-testimonial banner-lexmark-01

What is email retargeting?

Engage and re-engage email users on your in-house and 3rd party email lists by serving them ads across the web. Users are “matched” to 3rd party cookies through secure cookie mapping to the emails on your list(s). The “matched” users are then served ads across the web as they browse.

What is CRM retargeting?

CRM Retargeting enables you to show ads to users based on their physical mailing address without having to get them to your website or to open your emails. The user’s physical mailing address is matched to cookies on their browsers by 3rd party data providers and ads are served to the user across the web as they browse.

Benefits of email retargeting:

  • Target prospects who are not opening emails or email list members who are ‘inactive’ or ‘unsubscribed.’
  • Experience a cost-effective increase in top-of-funnel and mid-funnel nurture for prospects, and post-conversion nurture for up sell/cross sell to existing customers.
  • Increase nurture touches from 2x per month (or less) through emails to 30x per month through display ads.

Benefits of CRM retargeting:

  • Reach direct mail list users online–without needing email addresses.
  • Complement email or direct mail marketing strategies by filling gaps between site retargeting prospects & email retargeting lists.
  • Experience a cost-effective increase in top-of-funnel and mid-funnel nurture.
  • Eliminate the risk of sending mail that may never be opened.

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