About Kwanzoo:

Kwanzoo is the leader in account-based marketing (ABM) display and retargeting solutions for B2B enterprises and high growth startups. Kwanzoo helps customers:
  • Achieve maximum global account coverage through both cookie- and IP-based technology--with ad serving at scale through multiple demand-side platforms (DSPs).
  • Target specific job titles with in-depth ABM engagement reporting fully integrated with marketing automation, CRM, and data management platforms.
  • Obtain faster awareness, engagement, reach, and impact to support overall multi-channel ABM programs.


Mani Iyer

Kwanzoo CEO/Head of Sales

As CEO and Co-founder of Kwanzoo, Mani leads the day-to-day sales, product development, and operations of the company. Previous to Kwanzoo, he founded a software business acquired by Oracle/PeopleSoft. Mani is a serial entrepreneur; industry speaker with expertise in account-based marketing, demand generation, B2B marketing and advertising; and a startup advisor. Mani has spoken at leading industry conferences including Ad-Tech, Conversion Conference, Online Marketing Summit, DemandCon, and Startup Summit.

LinkedIn: Mani Iyer
Twitter: @iyermani


Nat Natraj

Co-founder and President at Acalvio Technologies, SVP, Sales & Alliances, Google Cloud/Apigee

Diaz Nesamoney

President & CEO at Jivox Corporation,
Co-Founder, President & COO, Informatica

Rahul Pathak

VP Engineering at ProsperWorks Inc
Former Kwanzoo CTO and Co-Founder

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