Our Customer Success services are designed to help customers with the expert guidance and assistance, uniquely customized to their specific needs, to maximize ABM program success across the following areas:

Strategy Services

Our Customer Success Strategy services help customers make the right choices, as they adapt their demand generation process, technology infrastructure, existing data assets and marketing programs to leverage account-based marketing (ABM) as part of their go-to-market plans to drive more pipeline. Services include:

  • Process and workflow analysis across marketing and sales to support ABM
  • Technology infrastructure review to ensure key components are in place for ABM
  • Data and Program review to make budget reallocation recommendations for ABM
  • Recommendations for ABM program scaleup and rollout across global geos
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Program Execution Services

As a Kwanzoo customer, our Customer Success team will work with your Demand Generation, Website Management, Account-based Marketing (ABM), Media Buying, Analytics, and Marketing Operations teams, as well as your Agency partners to quickly get you up and running with ABM programs.

Our team will help:

  • Work with your teams to prioritize your target accounts using first and third party data (firmographic, intent, and more).
  • Run account coverage reports and assist with media planning and budgeting. Apply the right persona and intent filters to create highly targeted ABM audiences.
  • Recommend the right targeting strategy, including best options for third party data, and media buying, based on global geos (NAM, UK, APAC, LATAM, ANZ).
  • Optimize the program, with creative comparative analyses, media buying focused on unconverted accounts, viewability and site optimization of ads, apply a “flywheel” of intent and firmographic filters, and more.
  • Integrate and deliver Kwanzoo’s ABM reports to marketing, sales and business teams, through third party platforms (CRM, Analytics) as well as scheduled emails.

Analytics & Program Optimization Services

We collaborate with our customers to define business and return-on-spend objectives, and help measure ABM program impact to maximize ROI:

Our team will help:

  • Define quantitative goals for ABM programs
  • Provide actionable, quantitative, and data-driven insights on engaged accounts, new sales opportunities, SDR/BDR productivity and more
  • Benchmark against best practices for similar ABM or traditional marketing programs
  • Deliver insights to sales with ABM reporting fully integrated with CRM
  • A/B test creatives and messaging
  • Provide insights on engaged buyers from target accounts, with best practices for sales outreach based on information in ABM sales insights reports.
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Training & Onboarding for Customers and Agencies

Kwanzoo provides in person training and also provide many tutorials needed to succeed in our platform:

  • Training on ABM program planning, media budgeting, account coverage analyses, program setup and continuous monitoring and optimization of ABM programs
  • Customized training services based on specific customer’s martech environment, current demand generation process, data and program assets.
  • Collaborate with customers on ABM program launch.
  • Help customers with ongoing interpretation and analysis of program results.

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