For marketing, sales, and customer success teams, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) generates a lot of excitement — and a lot of questions. Where is ABM heading? How should I be leveraging data better? What best practice processes and techniques do I not know about? Kwanzoo's Behind the ABM Curtain series was specifically designed to cut through the hype and noise, giving you a glimpse of what the visionaries at some of the biggest or most innovative players in the space are thinking — and where are they spending their time. Come, take a peek behind the ABM Curtain.

[Webinar Video] Behind the ABM Curtain with D&B and Oracle

Get beyond the hype of ABM with special guest speakers Niraj Deo of Oracle Data Cloud and Anudit Vikram of Dun & Bradstreet on the future of ABM and best practices for ABM data.
Email Retargeting 101

Behind the ABM Curtain Interview with Dun & Bradstreet

Get insight into the future of ABM, best practices in ABM data and more in this interview with Anudit Vikram of Dun & Bradstreet.
The Business Case for ABM

Behind the ABM Curtain Interview with Marketo

An interview with Mahesh Jeswani of Marketo, discussing ABM data, the future of ABM, and Marketo's take on the importance of ABM for B2B marketers.
The Business Case for ABM

Behind the ABM Curtain Interview with Oracle Data Cloud

Take a peek behind the curtain of ABM in this interview with Niraj Deo of Oracle Data Cloud.
Email Retargeting 101

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